One Thing That Keeps CEOs Awake

To be named numero uno, is the ultimate career ambition of every professional. The tantalizing aroma of the C-Suite. Those that don’t make it look at the winners with awe and envy. The winners take no prisoners. Home in the choicest part of town. Exotic cars and wine. All expenses paid vacation, with family, in any part of the world. The best education money can buy. Harvard. Wharton. Oxford. Columbia. Stanford. You name it. To be named a CEO in a Nigerian company is a dream many are willing to kill for. Sadly, it does not last long. In the banking industry, the CBN has pegged the number of years to ten. Other industries are following suit though not yet cast in stone. The number one thing that keep top executives awake at night is what they will do after the dream life in the C-Suite is over. Wise ones make hare while they have their day in the sun. Most fritter away their chance in frivolities, living large. Are you in the C-Suite? Lead with wisdom and nothing should worry you.