Scribble is our the end-to-end book solution for the driven executive who insists his or her voice must be heard. This service is meant for the ultra busy executive determined to send his or her voice out to the world but is unable to find that illusive commodity, time, to bring his or her message alive.

Leveraging experience from around the globe, backed by years of actual book solutions, Scribble guides you on brainstorming book title and sub-title, cover design options, chapter and sub-chapter framework, content, layout, writing, editing, formatting, and selecting publishing options, all in a highly confidential and personalized ambience.

We don’t stop there, we move mountains to give you the edge by handling irritants such as arranging ISBN, foreword, preface, back cover, author summary, blurb, size, binding options and publicity.

Scribble is the Rolls Royce of the book industry.

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