Wealth Beyond Your Imagination – Its Up To You!


Wealth Beyond Your Imagination – Its Up To You!

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Countless teachers, gurus and sages have counselled over the ages what steps one needs to take in the journey of destiny. Whatever name you wish to ascribe to the journey: whether you wish to call it the search for success, or the search for meaning or the search for significance, the basic steps for moving from here to there remain the same today as it was in ancient times. If you equate material possession alone to ‘’success’’, you’ll not be alone. However, there is more to success than being materially wealthy. Mother Theresa didn’t have much material possessions, yet she is revered the world over as a Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. So there is more to success. Success is a continuum that extends from a series of individual achievements to significance and finally to legacy. In this thought provoking ebook, I show you the basic steps you can take to achieve lasting success in the journey of life.

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