Paul Uduk is one of Nigeria’s most sought-after educators, consultants, and thought leaders in achieving service excellence and enduring service cultures.

Author of six books, including Bridges to the Customer’s Heart, described by Chioma Nwagboso of the World Bank Group as ‘’the most succinct on customer service in Nigeria.’’

How to Build a Media Empire

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Experience Annex

Experience Annex

Experience Annex is a platform for Exemplary Leaders, World Class Professionals, and Legendary Entrepreneurs to share their wisdom with the world. By sharing, our guests unconsciously let their light shine on the world thereby serving as beacons of hope, role models, and generally making the world a better place.


Executive Business Roundtable (The Legends Network) is a platform for networking at the highest levels. Only founders, CEOs and pre-approved senior executives can join. What would you give for the ability to tap into a group of fellow business leaders who can offer you direction based on their experiences? EBR members share their wealth of business experience with fellow founders, CEOs and other senior executives in a relaxed atmosphere.


Book Writing Clinic

You can join the ranks of the immortals. At book Writing Clinic (BWC), we show you how you can become a published author in a few simple steps. We go beyond the mundane and show you how you can build your media empire. Indeed, BWC is Nigeria’s #1 platform where ordinary people like me and you get their voices heard by sending their message to the world in the form of books, videos, audios.


Speak Like The Orators of Old is the most respected Platform for the ultra busy executive who wishes to speak with polish, élan and class driving the audience to pant for more. At Speak Like the Orators of Old, you learn how to speak professionally. If you wish to take your speaking game to the next level, Speak Like the Orators of Old will take you there.



Bridges to the Customers Heart

This book’s focus is on the simple things that you as an individual and your company can do to turn every service encounter into what Tom Peters has come to christian WOW! It’s the type of service experience that you wish could last forever. You feel you could hug the service provider for making your day. That’s the way you feel when you’ve had a truly great service encounter! WOW! Experience is indescribable. WOW! Experience is memorable! WOW! Experience is unforgettable!

This book is on Service Excellence. The ideas and approaches encapsulated in the Excellence concept (now used broadly interchangeably with Quality Service) have evolved over the years, from the purely statistical orientation (conformance to requirements) used by the pioneering fathers, such as William Edward Deming, John Juran, Armand Feigenbaum, Kaoru Ishikawa, Genichi Taguchi and Shigeo Shingo to the broadly attitudinal approaches of Philip Crosby, Tom Peters, Ron Zemke and Claus Moller.

The Celebrity

The Celebrity Speaker

-Speak like the orators of old

A mind tingling book on the “speaking” industry, The Celebrity Speaker takes a holistic look at the emerging Expert Industry and guides readers on how they can break into the industry and make it big as celebrities. Packed full with examples of the movers and shakers of the Expert Industry, locally and internationally, such as RDJ, Fela Durotoye, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and a host of others, The Celebrity Speaker is an indispensable guide to speakers, trainers, authors, and all those who wonder how the glamorous “speaking” industry really works how the celebrities make their millions.


Wealth Beyond Your Imagination

Countless teachers, gurus and sages have counselled over the ages what steps one needs to take in the journey of destiny. Whatever name you wish to ascribe to the journey: whether you wish to call it the search for success, or the search for meaning or the search for significance, the basic steps for moving from here to there remain the same today as it was in ancient times. If you equate material possession alone to ‘’success’’, you’ll not be alone. However, there is more to success than being materially wealthy. Mother Theresa didn’t have much material possessions, yet she is revered the world over as a Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. So there is more to success. Success is a continuum that extends from a series of individual achievements to significance and finally to legacy. In this thought provoking ebook, I show you the basic steps you can take to achieve lasting success in the journey of life.

the gods of quality

The Gods of Quality Strikes Back

The list of once great companies that have fallen by the way side or have been taken over by rivals for a pittance for failing the Quality Test reads like Forbes Who Is Who? They include Borders, Arthur Anderson, Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossings, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Long Term Capital, Northern Rock, to mention but a few. The unmistakable message is: the Gods of Quality are no respecter of persons and institutions and will strike back once you turn your back on customers and continue to desecrate the hallowed chambers of excellence with impunity.